Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wonderful Rock Art

I have this great love of found rock art - art created by unknown persons out in nature. For some reason, this area seems to be just full of it. Here are some of my favorites.

I found this on New Year's Day and it appears to be a V shape. Just love the whole concept. It is always fun to try to figure out not only who might have done it but why, and what it is intended to mean.

I found this cool rock art of a car on Facebook. I can't imagine how someone completed this but I just love it!  Maybe if my car stops running someday, I should do something like this to memorialize it.

I love hearts, so finding heart-shaped rocks is the best! These are not mine. Again, I found them somewhere online. I would love a heart like this that would last forever.

Sometimes I paint the rocks I find too. These are not my rock art, but that of a lady I found through Facebook, Julie Ann Stricklin. I think these are fabulous!

Andy Goldsworthy makes his rock art 3-dimensional. I love this great idea! This would be great for children too because I am sure the 3-D things can be added cheaply.

And finally, here is rock art made into a mandala. Wow, this is such a dream. I must make more rock art. I do bring home rocks all the time and paint them with words and symbols and then give them to others or hide them around their homes so that they will find them as a surprise. The possibilities for rock art are endless, and I have more photos somewhere to share another time.

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